Tips for successful blogging

Some of us might have blogs but nobody ever looks at them. Here are some quick tips to get your blog better and to have more views and comments. 

1. In every post you do try to post picture or make the post really interesting. Take some time to make your posts don’t just rush through them! 

2. Your title of your posts have to be really interesting.  Be unique with your words that you use. Have the title pop out above the other posts people might see. Have it gripping! 

3. Make sure your background is pretty and comforting not to bright and flashy.  Try not to have your background take away from your blog posts.

4. Make your blog easy to get to! Have a domain name or if you don’t want to pay make your web address short and easy to remember. 

5. Don’t have adds blocking up your page! When people visit your blog they don’t want to see adds blocking up their view of your blog. It also is very annoying when an inappropriate post is up. 

6. Maybe you don’t have any followers.. Go to a blog related to yours. Look at it and comment on one of their posts, saying how much you like their blog. Leave your link address there and ask them to check it out. They might or might not but at least you tried! You can do this to a couple or more blogs if you want.  

7. Find a blog that advertises blogs and sign up there! I have tried it and I got advertised. 

I hope you try out some of these tips! And if you do don’t forget to give this post a like and a comment! Happy Blogging! 🙂


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