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Hey Everyone and welcome back to EVERYTHING! 🙂 I just wanted to let you know that I am going to do a Questions & Answers post soon! So please write your questions down below in the comments! Thank you so much! ❤


Blogs to check out

Hey Everyone! Welcome back to EVERYTHING! I hope your all having a great day! I know I am! I just wanted to share with you a couple of blogs that are interesting and worth looking at. Let me know which one’s you check out!

  1. DIY CRAFTS  is a craft blog showing you step by step tutorials on how to make a craft. She posts every Monday with a new craft to share. diycrafts9.blogspot.com
  2. How To Cook That  is an awesome website and youtube channel showing you step by step on how to make crazy creative sweets and cakes! howtocookthat.net
  3. Animal Lovers  is a blog about Animals. On this blog they share their love for animals by sometimes posting pictures of their pets and finding cute pictures of animals to share. al1123.blogspot.com

That is all I am sharing with you today! Thanks so much! ❤




Everything ETSY

15 Back to School DIY Projects @EverythingEtsy

Back-to-School is an exciting time of year for students…and parents!  You’ll love these creative DIY projects to get the school year off to a great start.  I’m always excited about new paper and pencils, but I do kinda have a thing for pretty supplies!

15 Back-to-School DIY Projects

Washi Tape Notebooks

Washi Tape Notebooks & Pencils – Lia Griffith


DIY Rustic Homework Station – Love Grows Wild

Back to School Nerdy Chic Book Clutch

DIY Nerdy Chic Book Clutch – Caught on a Whim

Back to School - DIY Felt Initial Notebook Tutorial

Felt Initial Notebook – Everything Etsy

Back to School - DIY Backpack Project

Back Pack Tutorial – Purl Bee

Back to School Tags by Laura Winslow

Teacher Gift Tag Printables – Laura Winslow

Back to School - DIY Pencil Holder

Decorative Pencil Holders – Create With Mom

Back to School - DIY Lunch Bag Tutorial

Notebook Lunch Bag – Design Sponge


DIY Project Life Card Notebook – A Pumpkin & A Princess

Back to School - knotted pencil pouch sewing tutorial

Gingham Style Knotted Pencil Pouch – See Kate Sew

Back to School - DIY Paper Clips - Mod Melts Tutorial

Mod Melts Flower Paper Clips – Everything Etsy

Back to School DIY Messenger Bag

Braided Belt Messenger Bag – Cold Hands Warm Heart


Moustache Bookmark – Onelmon

Back to School Locker Tote Tutorial

DIY Locker Tote – Growing Up Gabel


Mod Podge Fabric Covered Books – Mod Podge Rocks

You’ll also want to check out these for cute back-to-school ideas…

21 Bookmark Tutorials for Back to School

21 Handmade Bookmark Tutorials

What’s your favorite??? I love the nerdy book clutch…I need one, for sure! I got this post off of this website: http://www.everythingetsy.com/  So it is not mine. I am just sharing it on to my website! Hope you like it! ❤ Don’t forget to comment and like! 

Day by Day…


ManiCure for Leukemia

Hey Everyone I am back at Everything and I am advertising….ManiCure For Leukemia! It is about four girls trying to raise money to fight off Leukemia. I think it is a great idea. It is hard to rise this money but with everyone’s help they can! You can support them by going to their blog and commenting. Give an encouragement! Tell others about their blog so that we all can support them. Go to leukfight34.blogspot.com for more information on what they are doing. Have a great day! If you have any blogs you would like me to advertise for you let me know in the comments down below.  ❤

Totally Tutorials

Hey Everyone I decided that I would advertise for Totally Tutorials! It is one of my favorite blogs that I go to if I need idea’s! On totally tutorials you can submit a post of yours to be posted on the blog or you can just see what other crafts have been posted!  I hope you all check it out! Here is the link: totallytutorials.blogspot.com

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Tips for successful blogging

Some of us might have blogs but nobody ever looks at them. Here are some quick tips to get your blog better and to have more views and comments. 

1. In every post you do try to post picture or make the post really interesting. Take some time to make your posts don’t just rush through them! 

2. Your title of your posts have to be really interesting.  Be unique with your words that you use. Have the title pop out above the other posts people might see. Have it gripping! 

3. Make sure your background is pretty and comforting not to bright and flashy.  Try not to have your background take away from your blog posts.

4. Make your blog easy to get to! Have a domain name or if you don’t want to pay make your web address short and easy to remember. 

5. Don’t have adds blocking up your page! When people visit your blog they don’t want to see adds blocking up their view of your blog. It also is very annoying when an inappropriate post is up. 

6. Maybe you don’t have any followers.. Go to a blog related to yours. Look at it and comment on one of their posts, saying how much you like their blog. Leave your link address there and ask them to check it out. They might or might not but at least you tried! You can do this to a couple or more blogs if you want.  

7. Find a blog that advertises blogs and sign up there! I have tried it and I got advertised. 

I hope you try out some of these tips! And if you do don’t forget to give this post a like and a comment! Happy Blogging! 🙂

What Are Your Blogging Goals for 2016?

Check this out! I commented on it because I think its great!!! ❤

The WordPress.com Blog

You may not bother with resolutions for the new year, but setting goals for your blog helps you to (re)focus and shape your online home. We asked a diverse mix of bloggers:

What’s the most important goal you have for your site in 2016?

Lisa JakubLisa Jakub

Lisa Jakub, lisajakub.net

My resolution is very simple and not so easy: I want to create work that tells the truth. Writing, for me, is all about connection, and nothing creates connection like open-hearted honesty. It’s about putting letters and spaces together in a way that reaches out and allows all of us to feel less alone. It’s about finding our commonalities and celebrating our individual authenticity. And if we can laugh about it in the process  — even better.

Emily J. Petersen, The Bookshelf of Emily J.

Emily January Petersen, writer and blogger at The Bookshelf of Emily J.Emily January Petersen

My goal for my blog in 2016 is to re-personalize it! I started out by…

View original post 1,257 more words

Poem for winter

“Do you see the tracts in the snow? Don’t you wonder where they go? I think I saw a bunny white hop across the snow last night. Oh see the tracts in the snow.” -Unknown

I really like that poem!  I don’t know who the author is right now. But if you like this poem then be sure to leave a comment and like ♥ this post! Thank you all so much!